Solo Traveling is a wonderful experience, but what happens when you meet danger, unexpected costs, & homesickness while on the road?

With Tramigos exclusive community, you can feel at home in every country you visit and build meaningful friendships with solo travelers who share the same thirst for connection, knowledge, & adventure.

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Foster deep and meaningful global friendships that last for a lifetime.

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I am so glad to be part of this amazing community! I get to make a lot of friends, when I travel I feel safe to find a buddy to hang out, as the community is based on trust, communication and support. The amount of support I get here is priceless. I really love to make new friends all over the world as I think we are all a big global family and Tramigos is the platform to bring us all together.

Mihaela Vlad • Business Coach & Mother • Romania

You may be from various different nations, age groups or educational backgrounds, but the one thing Tramigos have in common is their thirst for knowledge through travelling adventure. You can be yourself and not be dictated to by dogmatic leaders/members. We all travel differently, see the world from a unique perspective... whilst Tramigos may have different views, all views are always respected. 

Glen Taylor • World Traveler • Australia

Being a Tramigos member makes me feel like I am a global citizen with no boundaries. Having friends everywhere is the best gift that Tramigos offers my traveling life. We can feel safe to travel anywhere in this beautiful globe, learn, and share while increasing our travel network by knowing new people. Asante sana Tramigos (Thank you so much, Tramigos).

Lilian Anold • Digital Marketer • Tanzania

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